I don't think I am alone in saying that the printing and presentation methods of Japanese collotype specialists Benrido Atelier are exemplary. It is through following Benrido that I have been able to learn more about contemporary interpretations of traditional Japanese bookbinding and portfolio presentation. Like countless others, I am hooked on different techniques of photo book and presentation production and it is this part of the output of my project that I get really excited about. I plan to hand-make a presentation portfolio case/box similar to the example below produced by Benrido Atelier.

Fig.1: Martin Gusinde, Tierra Del Fuego 1918-1924. Portfolio box produced by Benrido Atelier

It is my plan to hand produce a limited number of presentation box portfolio's which will include the full complement of the project work. This will include a copy of the printed publication, an envelope of hand-printed silver gelatin fibre based prints and a USB memory device with the transition based slide show. To make each portfolio unique, I want to include a found object which I have collected on my travels into the Cornish wilderness, for example, a feather or a stone.

Fig.5: Munemasa Takahashi. 2015. Laying Stones. Special Edition Presentation Box Set.

The production of this will need to be meticulously planned. I have relative experience in making stab-bound books with hardcovers and have invested over the years in equipment for book-making. I feel quite confident that I will be able to produce portfolio cases to a high standard. I envisage where I am going to need to experiment most will be trying to facilitate an area in which I can secure the USB memory stick - something like the inset of the box-sets above (fig.4 and 5) is maybe the answer to this. I am really looking forward to this whole process. I would like to produce maybe 5-10 copies of this. I like the idea of being able to give a couple away to people that have helped me with project (family, friends and mentors), I would like to be able to sell a couple and also actually use one of them as an actual portfolio which I can use to show prospective clients and agencies.