Fig.1: My makeshift bedroom darkroom 🙂

A huge impetus for embarking on my MA degree was about re-engaging with photography after admittedly going through a prolonged period of really not particularly enjoying it and all but throwing the towel in after a couple of decades of proverbial art vs commerce wrestle. I don't really feel the need to elaborate on that too much but suffice to say I am determined to enjoy this project - part of that re-engagement includes dusting off the enlarger and setting my darkroom up again so I can make some prints.

Fig.2: Linen 'button and string' document envelopes.

The idea I have as it stands is to make a small edited selection of images from the wider body of work. I am predominantly thinking about traditional silver gelatin prints on fibre based paper stock, although there is a multitude of alternative processes which I am going to consider over the next couple of months. I guess at the moment I am thinking about a more generic traditional approach as being the source, the original way of printing, which essentially marries with one of the concepts behind my project being about a 'return to the source'. The prints will be signed, stamped and packaged in traditional Japanese linen 'button and string' document envelopes, quite simply because they are high quality, black compliments my images and look stylish. I would like to sell packs of the prints on my website to help recuperate some of the costs of this project and to contribute to my next project.