Fig.1: Contact sheet scan

I took a trip to Bedruthen Steps today, I didn't really have anything in mind to photograph other than knowing this stretch of coast is so rugged and you can really see at scale who the elements have battered the landscape, also a sea-mist was covering much of the North coast. It was so thick when I arrived I felt pensive about walking the coastline alone - I must've only passed maybe 10 people in about two and half hours of being there. Also in that 2.5 hours, I didn't manage to find 'The Steps' which I came to see, I'm putting it down to a lack of signposts but in actuality, I took the wrong path and walked in the wrong direction. No big deal, the area I walked was still an extraordinarily beautiful and rugged stretch of coast, at least what I could see of it that is.

The sea mist was so thick that it was almost blanketing everything out and found myself preoccupied with safety over taking pictures, so I took a couple of rolls and have pencilled in returning on a day with slightly better visibility to photograph the coastline - some mist but not as much as that. I did however take a couple of images I will like to see printed larger of three sprawling mini-headlands, see middle-centre of fig.1. I also took a few 6x7 frames of the small collection of islands just offshore - the largest island looking like the dorsal fin of a submarine or a shark (see fig.2 above).