Nic Shonfeld is a British photographic artist born and based in London, his work is mainly concerned with social and historic cultural documentation. Nic's work has been published internationally and exhibited in the UK, Europe and South East Asia. After working in music, events and sometimes fashion (Max Richter, Nick Cave, The Horrors, XL, FatCat and Domino records), Nic began a long-term collaboration with historic clothing archivist The Vintage Showroom where he photographed 'Vintage Menswear’ (‘Best Lifestyle Illustrated Publication’ - British Book Design Awards 2013), co-produced Showroom Publication Vol.I (with James Tanner) and solo-produced Showroom Publication Vol.II (included in The British Journal of Photography’s Inspirational Publications of 2014). In 2016, Nic semi-relocated to Vietnam to develop his knowledge of cultural indentity and historic artisan craft. He was invited to participate in The British Council’s ‘New for Old’ research residency supporting female artisans of ethnic minority groups for social inclusion and economic development. Nic is currently located in England whilst studying an MA Photography and working on his first solo publication of personal work.

MA Photography, University of Falmouth (2020-due to complete 2022)
BA Photomedia, London Metropolitan University (2003-2007)

Awards / Notable Credits:
The British Journal of Photography Inspirational Publications of 2014 / Showroom Publication Vol.II (TVS Publishing).
Best Lifestyle Illustrated Publication Award - British Book Design Awards 2013 / 'Vintage Menswear' (Laurence King Publishing).

Commissioned Publications:
The Vintage Showroom - An Archive Of Menswear - Luckett & Gunn, Laurence King Publishing, 2014.
Showroom Publication Vol.II - TVS Publishing, 2014.
Vintage Menswear - A Collection From The Vintage Showroom - Sims, Luckett & Gunn, Laurence King Publishing, 2013.
Showroom Publication Vol.I - TVS Publishing, 2014.

Collaborative Exhibitions:
Phiêu / New for Old - The British Council & Kilomet109, The Hanoi Arts & Culture Centre, Hanoi, 2017.
Showroom, The Vintage Showroom, 14 Earlham Street, London, 2014.
Rubric, The Old Rag Factory, Brick Lane, London, 2011.
Underbelly London, Commercial Road, London, 2011.

Album Artwork:
Carbon Unit - '4LIZ', Carbon8 Records, 2020.
Carbon Unit - 'Pandemic' Ep, Carbon8 Records, 2020.
The Horrors - ‘Luminous’ XL Recordings, 2014.

The Horrors - ‘So Now You Know’, 7” Single, XL Recordings, 2014.
The Horrors - ‘I See You’, 7” Single, XL Recordings, 2014.
Traams - ‘Grin’ Cd/Lp, FatCat Records, 2014.
Traams - ‘Ladders’ Ep, FatCat Records, 2014.
Traams - ‘Flowers’ Digital download, FatCat Records, 2014.
Spencer Parker - ‘A Gun For Hire’ Cd/Lp, Work Them Records, 2012.
Hauschka - ‘Room To Expand’ Cd/Lp , FatCat Records, 2007.
Max Richter - ‘Songs From Before’ FatCat Records, 2006.
The Rank Deluxe - ‘You Decide’ Cd, FatCat Records, 2006.
The Rank Deluxe - ‘They Don’t Matter’, 7” Single, FatCat Records, 2006.
The Rank Deluxe - ‘Tight-Rope’, 7” Single, FatCat Records, 2006.
Clearlake - ‘Amber’, Cd/Lp, Domino Records, 2006.
Clearlake - ‘Its Getting Light Outside’, 7” single, Domino Records, 2006.
Clearlake - ‘Good Clean Fun’, 7” single, Domino Records, 2006.
Clearlake - ‘Neon’, 7” single, Domino Records, 2006.
The Mutts - ‘Life In Dirt’, Cd/Lp, FatCat Records, 2004.
The Mutts - ‘Excited’, 7” Single, FatCat Records, 2004.

Selected Clients:
The British Council, Singapore Airlines, Laurence King Publishing, We Create Content, Kilomet 109, XL Recordings, FatCat Records, Domino Records, The Vintage Showroom, Vi-House, Bowers & Wilkins, SilkWinds, Kinfolk, Vietnam Airlines Heritage Fashion Magazine, Mekong Review, Collected, SPEX, Time-Out London, Men’s-File, Lux, Q, NME, Clash, DJ, Mixmag.


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