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Kinh Thành Huế / The Imperial City, Hue, Vietnam.

I found myself foul to sickness the night I arrived in Hue. I had arranged to meet some friends, two of whom where performing at a children's charity gala.

What you don't see, is a comical moment presented itself for the 10minutes preceeding the taking of this photo. Being very early afternoon (the least busy time of the day in any given part of Vietnam due to the heat) there weren't too many people about just a few bus loads of Chinese O.A.Ps following guides around. After the walking dead begun to dissipate, one chap remained and proceeded to stand dead centre of the frame (as you see it depicted above, way back in middle ground on the grey tiled space).

Kinh thành Huế / The Imperial City, Hue, Vietnam.

I hadn't been prescribed my glasses but younger and  with his camera/phone on a selfie stick but facing me so through natural deduction prosuming that he was filming himself with the old structure in his background. Some dude doing his vlog, I was like "come on mate, ffs, how long you going to....whatever." I was stood looking at him for a few minutes waiting for him to finish, but he just kept standing there with my camera in hand hoping he would notice me and then notice my camera and the become a little less oblivious to the idea that I was waiting for him, quite patiently, to move out of my frame. I got too hot and fed up and went and sat down in the shade waiting for wallychops to get a finish his narcissism. After a few moments matey boy walks pasts me in and in a near perfect Korean-American accent said "Hey man,I thought you were never going to move out of the way". I hadn't dawned on me that he might have been trying to photograph (using a selfie-stick for a higher projection) the grand old gatehouse I had been standing in front and I had therefore quite unassumingly been in something of a photographic standoff upon which I had now seemingly backed down from to the young vlogger for the last 5 odd minutes!

'A view from one of two respites I was afforded whilst otherwise being ordered to swan pedalo, with bronchitis, half way across The Perfume River', Hue, Vietnam.

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