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If I had not been so concerned with jostling for attention, and position (taxi-seating) it might be noted and nursing an obligatory am dullness, i might have taken more photographs of take-off. To be fair, the day started terribly. It is a morning, that thankfully I have managed to disassociate with the other 16 hours of the day which proceeded to be nothing short of exciting...

Núi voi / Elephant Mountain, Bach Ma National Park (I think!), Central Vietnam.

I was asked to select the chicken which we would then monster whilst sitting under the protection of a canopy whilst 'tre chau's' continued to say things which i didnt understand about myself and the girls. The other dudes we were with didnt seem to care, I shouldn't have either, it is a cultural difference to be a bit pissed off if little wankers are dissing? My staring, at fuck knows what given my lack of and need for proscription glasses, was broken by the sound of a chicken being done-in and mt attention was diverted back to 'Whintey'. 20 minutes later the chicken turned up and I was afforded a new experience this time being in dissection.

Vietnamese men are quiet, particularly if they are with their partners, in a social capacity. I spent the whole day with him and her and didn't have the slightest idea they were married, in fact I didn't have the slightest idea he could speak English very well, although I had noticed his genuine Swiss watch and tendancy to use a knife and fork as indefferently to an average westerner, it transpired he had lived in America for the last however many years and more notably had inevitably been quietly soaking up my wretched anxiety and not done a thing to help me. I doubt he really cared, I wonder if I am paranoid, I doubt it, it is was obvious how socially incompetent I was on this occasion, regardless of Bronchitis.


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